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SEDCO Holding Group is a leading private wealth management organization with a track record of excellence dating back over 40 years. As a Shariah-compliant investor, SEDCO Holding Group manages a wide and diversified spectrum of real estate investments, investments in equities,and other businesses in sectors key to national prosperity – including real estate, construction, tourism, hospitality, FB, technology, petrochemicals, auto leasing, healthcare and education.



To be the global leader in Islamic wealth management and business creation.

To grow wealth by investing in viable, competitive and Shariah-compliant business activities with best in class people, processes, products, and performance.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively, and ensuring that our operating companies are supported by world-class people, processes and skills. Our ability to work as a team unlocks synergies across the Group and sparks new opportunities.

We are dedicated to winning and demonstrating excellence while remaining ethical and Shariah-compliant. Our direct investments and operating companies are tasked with expanding their market share and leading their industries.

We are constantly innovating products and services, and retooling our processes to set new standards for family-owned businesses. We are aware of market movements, and pre-empt economic trends.

Externally, we set new standards to attract talent, partners and investors while also reaching out to communities in need. Internally, we nurture people to excel while also developing world-class processes.

We set ourselves high standards, and monitor our progress towards them through systematic reporting, monitoring and evaluation. Our corporate governance is world-class, and sets new standards for family-owned businesses in Saudi Arabia.

We are passionate about, and engaged with our society, economy and nation.


40 Years Of Success

SEDCO Holding celebrates 40 years of unprecedented growth, profitability and service to the community.

Today, the SEDCO Holding brand carries a strong market reputation, with subsidiaries leading the field in their sectors of operation.

The company is known for looking at things differently, and prizing

innovation as it drives sustainable economic growth.

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Shariah Finance

The SEDCO Group prides itself on demonstrating the competitiveness of Shariah-compliant financing and investment solutions across its global operations.

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Corporate Governance

SEDCO Holding is known for world-class corporate governance standards based on the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility. Our corporate governance standards are a key source of competitive advantage and position us a capable and ethical business group.

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