Corporate Governance

SEDCO Holding has an exceptional track record of corporate governance,and our standards have been recognized by the Institute of Directors as best in class regionally.

As a family business, we lead the way in corporate governance based on the principles of fairness, transparency,accountability and responsibility.

Our focus on corporate governance is a key differentiator for us, and also a key pillar in cementing a reputation as a capable, ethical and responsive business group.

We have developed a comprehensive corporate governance manual that establishes bylaws for our Board of Directors, outlines general corporate policies, creates a code of business ethics, offers guidance on appointing SEDCO employees as directors, and promulgates an anti-money-laundering framework.

It also offers direction on the relationship between family-owned SEDCO-related and non-SEDCO related entities. SEDCO Holding has created a clear separation between management and shareholders to minimize conflicts of interest, deliver better accountability, and improve profit margins.

Our separation of ownership and execution distinguishes SEDCO Holding from other regional family businesses where shareholders are directly involved in daily operations.

The formalization of SEDCO Holding’s corporate governance has improved SEDCO’s access to capital and financial markets, and helps us attract local and international partners.

It assists the smooth intergenerationa l transfer of wealth and divestment of family assets as needed. It also strengthens shareholder confidence in our management.