Alshiaka is a Saudi Arabian outfitter for men that specializes in designing and crafting luxury thobes. Since SEDCO Holding took a 40% stake in the brand in 2015, the outfitter has streamlined operations for massive market growth.

The brand has engaged in a complete corporate transformation and created a comprehensive change management approach. It has also upgraded its budgeting, new store opening, design planning, product pricing, merchandising, and buying processes.

Since SEDCO’s acquisition, four new showrooms have been opened in Riyadh and another three to serve the Southern region and Jizan. Rapid geographic expansion has been backed by an increase in marketing and branding activities.

Innovation has seen the introduction of new products and fabrics. A bold marketing strategy has seen the brand become the first thobe creator to sponsor Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal and Al Ittihad football teams to reach younger audiences.