Health Care

Healthcare is a crucial area of investment for SEDCO Holding as growing populations and lifestyle-associated diseases put pressure on existing healthcare providers, and open up the need for new investment to deal with demand.

The demand for world-class healthcare is being driven by rising and ageing populations, and a steep rise in lifestyle-driven chronic disease such as Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiac concerns and kidney failure.

By 2020, the MENA region will see a shortage of some 360,000 beds – with the private sector needing to step in and cover this gap.

The MENA healthcare market is estimated to hit $144 billion by 2020, with private sector investment accounting for at least a third of the market. In the GCC alone, the healthcare market is set to cross USD 69 billion by the turn of the decade.

For SEDCO Holding, healthcare is a key area of focus as we invest in the well-being of people around the globe, and also align with the Saudi Vision 2030 at home.